Christian Hope

Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God, and respect the king.

I Peter 2:17

No matter the election outcome, the upcoming days will likely uncover even more division in our country.  For many people, their hope hinges on the election results.  Although governmental elections are important, they are not most important.

As Christians, we must continually remember that we have a hope that transcends this world. Our hope is rooted in the eternal character and completed work of Christ.

We serve a God who reigns on His throne and ordains everything that comes to pass. We have confidence in a King who has already won that battle. 

In the upcoming days our culture will likely be filled with name calling, hatred and disunity.  As the body of Christ we have the opportunity to share TRUE HOPE based in REAL LOVE that is rooted deeper than the circumstances of this world. 

May we take seriously Peter’s words to “respect everyone, and love the brotherhood, fear God and respect the king.”

My prayer is that we use the upcoming days to share this hope and love with everyone who crosses our path.  May our words and actions (and posts) point others to the love of Christ. 

May we find peace in the midst of unrest in Christ our King!

Doug Langhals
Doug Langhals,
HHCA Head of School

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