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No parent gives mercy better than one who is convinced that he desperately needs it himself. There have been two Christian terms that I have viewed in the past as synonymous: grace and mercy.  As I have grown in my faith, I have come to understand that there is a small but significant difference between… Continue Reading →


It is only rest in God’s presence and grace that will make you a joyful and patient parent. I was recently driving the interstate by myself which allowed some private reflection time that doesn’t happen very often.  As I was driving North, I noticed the beautiful fall foliage and was reminded of an analogy from… Continue Reading →


Control has always been an issue for me.  I feel more at peace and less anxious when I feel I am in control of my home, my job, my family.  However, the Christian life is supposed to be relinquishing our control to God and walking in faith the path He has called us to (Proverbs… Continue Reading →


Not all of the wrong your children do is a direct rebellion to authority; much of the wrong is the result of a lack of character. Paul D. Tripp A wise person once said, “character is who we are as Christians and what we are called to be because of our relationship with Christ.” It… Continue Reading →


The foolishness inside your children is more dangerous to them than the temptation outside of them.  Only God’s grace has the power to rescue fools. Paul D. Tripp Last week‘s post examined how being lost displays itself in daily life.  This week, let’s examine the foolishness of man and how God’s grace has the power… Continue Reading →


One of the foundational heart issues in the life of every child is authority.  Teaching and modeling the protective beauty of authority is a foundation of good parenting. Paul D. Tripp Last week we shared the fact that all of humanity, even our precious children, are fully lost in sin.  This week, let’s examine how… Continue Reading →


As a parent, you are not just dealing with bad behavior but a condition that causes bad behavior. Paul D. Tripp This week several parents reached to us asking for advice on how to handle a particular situation with their child.  They had tried different approaches but felt like nothing was working.  So often, many… Continue Reading →


You must be committed as a parent to long-view parenting because change is a process and not an event. Paul D. Tripp It is incredibly hard in life to take the “long-view” approach to almost anything.  It’s no secret that we live in a society where we want and expect immediate results.  When it comes… Continue Reading →


If you are not resting as a parent in your identity in Christ, you will look for identity in your children. Paul D. Tripp I spent over a decade coaching high school athletics.  During that time, I interacted with many parents who delicately balanced the ongoing tension between pushing their children to excel and encouraging… Continue Reading →


Parenting is not about exercising power for change in your children.  Parenting is about your humble faithfulness in being willing to participate in God’s work of change for the sake of your children.  Parents, here’s what you need to understand: God has given you authority for the work of change, but has not granted you… Continue Reading →


“Your children need God’s law, but you cannot ask the law to do what only grace can accomplish.“ Paul D. Tripp I have had the opportunity of teaching the Bible to teenagers for over twenty years.   Each time I get to the book of Exodus there are always questions about the law of God, and… Continue Reading →


“God never calls you to a task without giving you what you need to do it. He never sends you without going with you.“ Paul D. Tripp We both grew up in what most would consider big families; Doug the youngest of four and I (Neely) the third of eight children.  Needless to say, we… Continue Reading →


“Nothing is more important in life than being one of God’s tools to form a human soul.“ Paul D. Tripp When we were growing up, the typical life pattern was this: (1) go to college (2) get married (3) start a career and (4) have children–in that order.  It was just what you did.  That… Continue Reading →

21-22 Life+ Series: INTRODUCTION

Hilton Head Christian Academy‘s Life+ blog was created to equip today’s Christian parents with practical tools, thought provoking content, and honest conversation. Its goal is to empower you to implement intentional Christian parenting in the midst of a culture that cultivates chaos and confusion almost every day. The multitude of questions and messages we face… Continue Reading →

Mama Bear

This week, Doug and I are writing a book review together on Mama Bear Apologetics, a book we both recently read. The authors, who created a ministry by the same name, are Christian mothers who realized they needed to be better equipped as parents in dealing with different worldviews taught in today’s culture.   When I… Continue Reading →

A Paul and A Timothy

When I was a child, my father was a pediatric surgeon with his own private practice. I fondly remember countless afternoons spent at his office “helping” his nurses and office staff. Those early childhood experiences created a desire in me to become a nurse so I could help and heal people, too. As I got… Continue Reading →

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