PODCAST: Lies Parents Believe

Since our child attends a Christian school, we don’t have to worry about . . . . .

Today’s Life+ continues the series: “Lies Parents Believe” and tackles a belief that many of us face at some point when our children attend a Christian school.

Community Life Mentors Neely Langhals and Jason Suddeth sat down with three graduates of Christian schools: two HHCA alumni (Ashley Bezilla ’12 and J.R. Moise ’14) and another (David Kreuger) who graduated from a Christian school in Rock Hill, S.C. As they recall their school experience-all unique in their own way-we take a peek into what life as a student for each of them was like.

Most of us are well aware of the amazing benefits of being surrounded by Christian mentors in a Christian environment over the formative childhood years. It’s important to discuss the realities that, at the same time, are often overlooked.

To continue the discussion, reach out to Neely or Jason and follow Life+ here and on social media @hhcaeagles.

Neely Langhals
Community Life Mentor
Jason Suddeth
Director of Community Life

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